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Is your business secure?

Run Your Business Safer and Smarter With Group One Safety & Security.


Each security system Group One Safety & Security installs is custom-designed for the business that it protects, and every system is backed by our 5 UL Listed, state-of-the-art, 24/7, central station monitoring centers and our team of seasoned professionals.

At Group One Safety & Security, we are focused on keeping you safe so you can focus on your business. We design commercial security solutions that help protect you against intrusions, robberies and other security threats, as well as environmental threats. Group One Safety & Security security systems can comply with your insurance company’s requirements and may even lower premiums.


All Group One Safety & Security security systems are designed to be easy to operate and provide comprehensive intrusion detection and protection. Once your security system is armed, any intrusion or other action that trips an alarm is immediately reported to Group One Safety & Security’s 24-hour central monitoring center. From there, our certified monitoring agents will keep you informed and, when warranted, summon local authorities.


Each system that Group One Safety & Security installs is designed to meet the specific needs of the business that it protects, whether it is a combined interior and perimeter security system for an entire building or multiple locations, or a solution with holdup buttons for a store or office within a larger complex. Group One Safety & Security systems are configured to be flexible and scalable to economically accommodate changes to your security plan.


Every Group One Safety & Security system is part of our integrated managed security services, which also include access control, video surveillance and fire systems. From installation and training to ongoing monitoring, service and support, we will be with you every step of the way.

With Group One Safety & Security you get:


A Comprehensive Solution – We address all your security needs — burglar, fire, hold-up, environmental, and internal and external theft. 


Expertise – Group One Safety & Security maintains a staff of highly trained & certified seasoned professionals in system design and integration. 


Quality Systems – We install only the highest quality, user-friendly systems most appropriate for our clients’ needs. 


Round-the-Clock Manpower – We offer 24 hour UL Certified, Central Station monitoring for fire, burglary, hold-up, medical emergency, and environmental conditions. 


Service Excellence – We ensure our clients’ systems reliability and performance with our professional Service Department – complete with our own radio-dispatched vehicle fleet for the fast response. 


Commitment to Quality Workmanship – We make sure all our installations are done in the most visually pleasing and unobtrusive manner possible.

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