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Group One Safety & Security Will Make Sure You Get The Right Automatic Sprinkler System And Ensure Your Building Is Up To Code And Well Protected.


Commercial fire protection sprinkler systems have been saving lives and reducing property damage for more than a century. However, sprinkler systems must be properly selected for the property they are protecting and correctly installed and maintained to afford optimum protection when they are most needed.


Group One Safety & Security is a full service fire sprinkler system company. We keep up with the ever-changing fire codes and install the newest technology. From bid through certification and each annual inspection – our experienced team provides 24/7 fire sprinkler service for commercial, industrial and residential buildings.


If you're looking for a code-compliant and cost-effective sprinkler solution for your organization, we'd like to help. Group One Safety & Security can tailor a solution that fits your needs, no matter your size, complexity or line of business. From new installation to retrofit, freestanding or integrated, we will configure your system specifically for its environment — with thought given to ease of expansion or future upgrade.


Group One Safety & Security provides annual fire sprinkler inspections and fire alarm system inspections to ensure that your entire fire protection system, from the smoke and heat detectors to the visual indicators and strobes, is fully compliant and in working order.


Group One Safety & Security fire protection professionals provide service recommendations to help building managers and owners avoid costly repairs.

Time & Money.

Consolidating your fire sprinkler and fire alarm inspections with Group One Safety & Security saves time and money since we provide one phone number and one combined invoice for all your inspection requirements.

Your Vendors.

Group One Safety & Security is your comprehensive, one-stop partner for cost-effective, professional fire protection services including fire sprinkler inspection and fire alarm inspection, service and repair.

Get the Job
Done Right.

No matter how many facilities you have, let Group One Safety & Security deliver the high-quality, cost-effective solutions you expect. Our inventory and team are ready to do the job right - and on time.

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