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Group One Residential Safety & Security Solutions

So Many Ways to Keep You Safe

Home security is important to everyone regardless of whether you live in a house, condo or are renting an apartment. Group One Safety & Security has been in the business of protecting lives and property since 1984. We offer a variety of products and services to meet your personal and home security needs.
Peace of mind

We teach our customers and their families what they need to know to be safe. Part of it is installing a home safety and security system that can watch over those you love, even when you can’t.

We cover all your safety & security needs

Group One Safety & Security offers easy, one-stop shopping for all your security and life safety needs from video surveillance systems to personal emergency response systems and everything in between.

Protecting you & your family 24/7

One of the first tasks in protecting your family is ensuring the safety of your home.  Group One Safety & Security knows how important it is for you to feel protected and connected to your family and home 24/7, no matter where you are.

Monitored smoke detectors save lives and property
Protect against Carbon Monoxide poisoning - the silent killer
Stop a burglar before they enter your home
Monitored Fire Detection

Protect your home and family with a fire alarm system.  These systems can detect smoke and heat from multiple locations throughout the home. Link it with our 24 Hour Central Station Monitoring for complete safety even when you are not home.​

Carbon Monoxide Detection

Carbon monoxide (CO) is referred to as “the silent killer” because it is completely undetectable. With the help of carbon monoxide detectors in your home you will be protected from any unintentional poisoning of this colorless, odorless gas.​

Security Alarm Systems

​We can install everything from basic open door or window burglar alarms to wireless security cameras and outdoor alarms so you can be alerted to possible trouble, well before someone approaches the home or even attempts to enter.

Custom Monitoring Systems

Do you have firearms or valuables that you want to monitor?  Whether it’s your home office, art collection, wine cellar, liquor cabinet or medicines, we can set up a system to give you alerts if anyone tries to access these areas when you’re not around.

Personal Emergency Response Systems (PERS)

A Personal Emergency Response System can mean the difference between life or death when a personal emergency occurs. Simply press the wireless push-button pendant in an emergency to create a 2-way conversation link with a 24 hour medical response monitoring service.

Active Monitoring Services

The fact is no neighbor or friend can watch over your house and family every minute of the day - and your pets can’t dial 911 for you. But with Group One Safety & Security’s 24/7 active central station monitoring, you can sleep easy whether you are home or not, knowing that help is only minutes away.



Group One Total Control

With our access control systems you will receive real-time alerts, have GPS vehicle and asset tracking, video viewing and have mobile control all in the palm of your hand. You can operate your security system, receive text messages and e-mail alerts, view live video and even control your thermostats, lighting and locks, all through your iPhone®, iPad® or Android™ devices.  - You can always be in the know wherever you go!


Not Happy with Your Current Provider?

Group One Safety & Security can also take over, monitor and update your existing safety & security system.  We pride ourselves on the ability to tailor a system to your needs and provide around the clock central station monitoring as well as ongoing technical support.

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