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Call for help wherever you go!

FREE Numera Libris System*

*Only $36.99/month +tax
with a 3 year monitoring agreement & 1st six months prepaid.
Purchase the Numera Libris Equipment $135.00 +tax
Only $26.99/month +tax with a 3 year monitoring agreement.

Numera Libris travels virtually anywhere and offers instant handsfree communication, automatic fall detection location tracking and remotely managed two-way voice.
Offer Expires Thursday, 5/31/16 ~ Call Today!

(772) 283-2320

Get the Ring Video Doorbell

For Only $19.90.* (a $199  value)

New Customers: Sign up with a 3 year monitoring agreement to take over your existing alarm system and receive one Ring™ Video Doorbell for just $19.90!
Offer Expires Thursday, 05/31/16 ~ Call Today!

(772) 283-2320


*We will install your Ring™ Video Doorbell for $65.00.

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